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Mike Vosburg, a seasoned illustrator and storyboarder, did a wonderful review of The Drawings of Bob Peak book that we’d like to share with you.

The Drawings of Bob Peak:  Long before I knew anything about illustration, I knew who Bob Peak was. His album covers for My Fair Lady, and Camelot had him on my radar since I was a youngster.  Like Frank Frazetta and Bob McGinnis I was studying the work long before I started learning about the field in it’s entirety.  Bob Peak had a sense of design and color that left you breathless. His work was innovative, spontaneous and mesmerizing. Still, I never thought of his drawing in the same  stratosphere as Fawcett, Cornwell, Wyeth, Gibson,etc. This book changed all that.
There is a life, an exuberance, which explodes out of every page of this book. Nothing ever looks calculated. While I have always had a great respect and admiration for Peak’s work, examining this book has taken it to a new level. While we are looking to  see the finished statement in illustration, often the working and thinking process reveals something at even a deeper level. The perfect companion to The Art of Bob Peak.
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