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One of Bob Peak’s fans recently shared this podcast from The Poster Boys with us. They thought we’d find it interesting since it’s a fantastic, detailed discussion, complete with tons of visual references, on the life and works of Bob Peak, by two current, working illustrators/poster artists.

 Tthe poster boyshe Poster Boys (Brandon Schaefer at @seekandspeak, and Special guest host Jay Shaw, Brand Director at Mondo), really dig into Peak’s movie poster work, revealing exactly why Bob Peak is referred to as The Father of the Modern Movie Poster. They also talk about his advertising work, magazine covers, life before illustration career and his signature style. The podcast uncovers how Bob Peak inspired them with his style, artistic flexibility and mastery of the art of illustration.

They dive into things that are important to artists and afficienados alike, topics such as: where did the inspiration come from; what was the creative process involved; what were the politics and who were the collaborators on the projects. This kind of insight into Bob’s work is vital to understanding why he is such a legend in art world.

Find out if you agree with their favorite movie posters (including Silverado) and the ones they found flawed (is there such a thing?). They look back with reverence and awe at pieces they loved from childhood to Bob’s final works and even give a shout-out to the The Art of Bob Peak, The Drawings of Bob Peak and how instrumental Tom is in keeping the legacy going.

This is a great listen for Bob Peak fanatics, and those just learning the name behind some of their favorite poster art. If you’d like to know more about Bob Peak, this is a great place to get started.

This is podcast #20 for them, so they have loads more material for all you illustration/art/poster junkies!

Many of the pieces discussed in the podcast are available in our store.

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  • Patrick West

    Has anyone seen “night music?” It is truly one of his best works.

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